Transition Group Services

The Transition Group is a small group that meets in the evening once a month. Participants share the common theme that they are going through a transition. Either through a divorce, separation or a loss of a partner. The group maintains confidentiality and supports each other through the sharing of experiences and impressions. Participants can pay their co-pay and use their health insurance benefit.

Group Services

Conflict Resolution: We offer resolution training for students at various grade levels, or for faculty wishing to incorporate mediation skills into their teaching methods. Our classes include experiential role plays, psycho-education, and communication training to help students learn how to negotiate mutually agreeable outcomes.

Family Therapy: We provide family therapy for students identified by guidance counselors and teachers to be "at risk", The brief family therapy model would include 10 sessions, either at the school or in my office, and includes case consultations with concerned school personnel for purposes of assessment and development of a personal treatment plan.

Grief and Loss Groups: We offer to lead groups for students who have had a loss in their family, either through death or divorce. Our goal is to give students the opportunity with other students with similar experiences of loss, to discuss and process their feelings, and learn coping strategies.

Parenting Skills Workshops: We offer a variety of parenting skills courses such as Active Parenting, Single Parent Families, Step-parent families, Discipline Using Behavior Modification, Enhancing Parent-Child Communication, and Building responsibility in Children.

Staff Support and Supervision: Monthly meetings with primary prevention aides and school counselors are advised are offered to discuss difficult families and our clinical advice, as well as to provide emotional support to those front-line workers who so frequently face demoralizing situations. In addition, we provide in-service training on topics as requested, such as ADHD, ADD, Childhood Depression, School and Social Phobia, ODD, Family Systems, etc.

Step-Family Services: A variety of services are offered to both adults and children in step-families, including Family Therapy, Parenting Skills Workshops, Individual and Group Therapy, for children and adolescents, and workshops for professionals. These services focus on the unique problems that can arise from the formation of a step-family. Focus is placed on processing feelings, building communication skills, and resolving conflict.

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